Shoulder Strap Replacement

Here are the steps to replace a shoulder strap part. We offer this as part of our repairs system, instead of replacing the whole backpack, we can just replace the part that needs repairing. 

Step 1:
Locate the 2 x shoulder strap adjusters and the 2 x Load lifter adjusters.

Step 2:
At the end of each of these webbing adjusters is a stitched loop. Unstitch all 4 of these.

Step 3:
Pull all 4 lengths of webbing through and out of the adjusters.

Step 4:
Where the back length adjustment plate is attached to the backpack, separate the the straps from the backpack and remove the straps from the backpack.

Step 5:
Reverse the steps of removing the old part with the new one. First, add the back length adjuster to the velcro behind the back padding.

Step 6:
Re-thread all 4 x pieces of webbing into the corresponding webbing adjusters.

Step 7:
Stitch these closed in their original position.

Your backpack is ready to use again in the wild!