Our Lifetime Guarantee

We mean it when we say our backpacks and gear are quality made. Thats why we offer a lifetime guarantee with all of our products.

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Why We Do It

It’s quite simple. We really want to make backpacks that survive adventures for years to come and get better with time. And we really don’t want them to be thrown into landfill.

So if there is something wrong with your backpack that shouldn’t be, then we’ll try to repair it, and if we can’t, we’ll replace it.


What does Lifetime Guarantee Cover?

If you ever have an issue of defect with the way your backpack or product has been made, we will repair or replace it for free.

Our lifetime guarantee exists to ensure that if your Salkan Backpack or accessory has any defects in the way it was built, we will repair or replace it without any charge.

What does it not cover?

Although our bags are built and tested to stand up to your adventures, there are some things that happen during use that we cannot cover or prevent from happening at the point of design or manufacturing.


Our fabrics come with linings and coatings that help give our products their water resistance. Depending on many factors, these can break down over time.

These can include UV exposure, method of cleaning/chemicals used, exposed for long times in high moisture, humid our mouldy environments, abrasion against the surface.

If we find that linings or coatings have broken down not as a defect in production of the item, this will not be covered under our lifetime guarantee.


Accidental Damage / Wear & Tear

If and damage has happened to your item through use that is not as a result of a defect in the production of the item, this will not be covered in our lifetime guarantee. Damage that is not covered that happened through use are cuts, tears, abrasions, holes, burns or any damage done by dragging or dropping the item.

However, these kinds of damage do happen on the road and we are on a mission to keep our backpacks in use for as long as possible. If you want to discuss a repair, then please get in touch and we’d be delighted to talk through the next steps.


Damage to Zips

There are two common reasons that zips can fail.

Firstly, if dirt and grit has built up in-between the teeth of the zip, this then gets collected by the zipper head, therefore sharpening the edges. After time these sharpened edges can cut or tear the zipper tape causing the zip to fail. To prevent this from happening, we recommend regular cleaning and maintenance to remove the dirt. If this is the cause of the issue, this will not be covered under our guarantee. 

If teeth of the zip are damaged or broken, which may be causes the zip to fail to work, this is not covered under our lifetime guarantee. This most often happens from overpacking the bag, which is not a fault at the manufacturing phase. 

What happens if I find an issue with my product?

We'd be very happy to help if you find any issues with your Salkan products.

Either reach out on our online chat or click here to email us and we'll get back as soon as we can.