Shipping & Returns

How does the 100-Day Trial work?

We believe in ‘buy well, buy once’. So we want you to find the perfect bag. We know it’s hard to tell whether the bag will fit the way you travel.

That’s why we offer a 100 day trial with every bag that we sell at Salkan. That means you can travel with it and put it through it’s paces for the next 100 days.

If it’s not the perfect travel companion for you, then you can return or exchange it.

Free of charge

How long does shipping take?

Our current shipping times are:

UK : 1-2 Working Days.
USA : 3-5 Working Days
Rest Of World : 3-5 Working Days

(Business days are Mon-Fri and exclude all public holidays)

What is your return policy?

We believe in you finding the right product so we make returns as simple as possible.

You get 100 days from the date of purchase to be eligible for a free return*

Simply visit our Returns Page to start the process 

*For UK & US Orders Only

Lifetime Guarantee

What is a lifetime guarantee?

Life means life.


We firmly believe in Re-use, Repair and Recycle.


So it’s important for us to offer a lifetime guarantee
with every product that we sell.


If something goes wrong with your product within normal use and due to a manufacturing issue then simply get in touch and we will organise a repair or replacement.

What does the Guarantee cover?

If you ever have an issue of defect with the way your backpack or product has been made, we will repair or replace it for free.

Although our bags are built and tested to stand up to your adventures, there are some things that happen during use that we cannot cover or prevent from happening at the point of design or manufacturing.

Our lifetime guarantee exists to ensure that if your Salkan Backpack or accessory has any defects in the way it was built, we will repair or replace it without any charge.


Our fabrics come with linings and coatings that help give our products their water resistance. Depending on many factors, these can break down over time.

These can include UV exposure, method of cleaning/chemicals used, exposed for long times in high moisture, humid our mouldy environments, abrasion against the surface.

If we find that linings or coatings have broken down not as a defect in production of the item, this will not be covered under our lifetime guarantee.


Accidental Damage / Wear & Tear

If and damage has happened to your item through use that is not as a result of a defect in the production of the item, this will not be covered in our lifetime guarantee. Damage that is not covered that happened through use are cuts, tears, abrasions, holes, burns or any damage done by dragging or dropping the item.

However, these kinds of damage do happen on the road and we are on a mission to keep our backpacks in use for as long as possible. If you want to discuss a repair, then please get in touch and we’d be delighted to talk through the next steps.


Damage to Zips

There are two common reasons that zips can fail.

Firstly, if dirt and grit has built up in-between the teeth of the zip, this then gets collected by the zipper head, therefore sharpening the edges. After time these sharpened edges can cut or tear the zipper tape causing the zip to fail. To prevent this from happening, we recommend regular cleaning and maintenance to remove the dirt. If this is the cause of the issue, this will not be covered under our guarantee. 

If teeth of the zip are damaged or broken, which may be causes the zip to fail to work, this is not covered under our lifetime guarantee. This most often happens from overpacking the bag, which is not a fault at the manufacturing phase. 

How can I organise a repair?

Yes, you can fill out our form here and we will get back to you.


Does The Backpacker fit on "carry-on" size?

The Mainpack is designed to be checked in using the Flight & Rain Cover whilst you take The Daypack on the flight with you.


The Mainpack measures at 63cm in length which puts it slightly bigger than carry-on size for most airlines and especially the low-cost ones.

We have taken The Mainpack as a carry ourselves and know customers to do the same, as you are able to squish it down if you under pack it, however we cannot guarantee that you won’t be charged.


Always carefully read the airline’s policy on check-in luggage before you travel.

Are the zips lockable?

 Zippers are not lockable, however with the flight cover, compression strap and inside drawstrings, you can make it a lot harder for those preying hands.

Just a heads up – Zips that are lockable can still be opened using a pen – so its all a bit of an industry lie that we like to be honest about and the reason we don’t include them.

Are the backpacks waterproof?

Yes they are designed to be used in the rain.

When it comes to waterproofing in backpacks it’s all about creating layers.

Our backpacks are currently protected by the following layers:


1. Wax Coating

2. Hood Design Creates 2 additional layers at the top of the bag
3. Main Fabric Cotna 900d with a waterproof backing

4. Lining Nylon 210d with a waterproof backing


Our Mainpack comes with a  Flight & Rain cover to create additional layer of Nylon 210d with a waterproof backing.


Look at our additional information about the Flight & Rain cover here.

Where is the Flight & Rain cover?

The Flight & Rain cover is located in a separate pocket on The Mainpack at the bottom of the bag.

You access the pockets by opening the velcro.

Where/How are Salkan products made?

All of the design work is carried out in our Studio in Peckham, London.

All of our backpacks are manufactured to the highest standard in our factories in Vietnam currently through Metric Supply who work with some of the leading brands in the industry.

We ensure that all workers are paid fairly and work very closely with the factory to maintain the highest standards.

However our supply chain is made up of 40+ different factories and one of our missions at Salkan is to make sure we visit every one personally to ensure they meet our high standards starting from the top all the way down.

Can I re-wax the fabric?

You can re-apply the wax to help with waterproofing and we recommend that you do this when you notice that water has stopped beading off the bag when it first gets wet.


How do I clean my backpack?

Our backpacks are designed to age well but sometimes they need a little clean to bring them back to life. 



Never put your backpack in a washing machine.



Use warm soapy water with a cloth or sponge and work into the fabric with a circular motion until the area appears clean.



Allow the backpack to dry and apply a wax coating if needed.

Our Stores

Where can I buy Salkan products?

You can only buy Salkan products direct from our website

However sometimes we open pop-up shops or shows, you can see if we are close by visiting our Find Us page.

Our bags are also displayed at Salkan HQ in Peckham, London which is open for visitors. You can book an appointment to visit us by emailing us here.

How can I organise a repair?

Drop us an email at info@discoversalkan.com to organise a repair.

Please send your order number (if you have it) and picture of the repair needed.


What causes does Salkan Support?

We are proud members of 1% For The Planet. You can read all about our commitment to the planet here.

All Hands & Heart – We provide a discount for all volunteers on a AHAH program as a little thank you for all of the hard work they do rebuilding lives in disaster zones.

Can you donate to my fundraiser/cause/organization?

We would love to hear about it! We’re always excited to hear about the important work being done by our community and the organisations you all support.

You can send anything over to us at  info@discoversalkan.com

How sustainable are Salkan products?

Sustainability is very important to us here at Salkan and we like to think of it as a responsibility.


All of our products are built to last so that you can ‘buy well and buy once’. The less products that you have to buy means that we will contribute to less landfill.


Find out more about our Responsibility here