Why We Exist

The Mission is simple. We make awesome backpacks for curious people.

Inspired from years of travel and designed to withstand all you can throw at it. We're passionate about creating backpacks that stay well away from landfill and pass from generation to generation. That's why every backpack comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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Backpacks that last a lifetime

Our ‘No Landfill’ Lifetime Guarantee

It’s quite simple. We really want to make backpacks that survive adventures for years to come and get better with time. And we really don’t want them to be thrown into landfill. So if there is something wrong with your backpack that shouldn’t be, then we’ll try to repair it, and if we can’t, we’ll replace it.

Got a question about the Guarantee? Head to our FAQs page.

Lifetime Guarantee FAQs

How Salkan Started...

“We were frustrated about the adventure travel backpacks we used not being made well enough. So we searched for a brand that truly cared about the products they made. But there weren’t any, so we created our own.”


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