Sew-on Patch Instructions

You wil l Need...

1. Your patch & Backpack
2. Needle and Thread


Sew on Patch – If you’re a belt and braces kind of person, you can also lock down the patches by sewing down the edges as well. 

1. Choose your thread. Either pick one to match, or something to stand out against the patch.

2.If you are just sewing on (and not ironing-on as well) pick you position and use two needles to hold in place. Consider how difficult it is to get your hand to the back of the fabric e.g. a pocket, as this will make it difficult to sew. 

3. Cut 50cm of thread, thread your needle with both ends, so it is doubled. The ends should hang through the needle by about 10cm. 

5. Thread the needle from the bottom back up through the patch a few millimetres along the edge.

6. Send the needle through the loop that is left at the top to secure the stitch.


7. Push the needle back through the patch to carry on your in-line stitch all the way around the patch. 


8. To finish off, push the needle through from the inside to the outside, but not fully tight leaving a loop. Push the needle back through to the back and thread it through the loop you left. You can do this a couple of times to make sure its tight.


9.  Remove the pins and you’re all ready to go.