Iron-On Patch Instructions

Patch Tools

You Will Need

1. Your patch & Backpack
2. An iron
3. An ironing board or towel to protect your table or to fill behind the fabric
4. A thin cloth (a tea towel or pillowcase is perfect)


1. Turn your iron to high heat. 


2. Lay area flat on a table or stuff towel behind the area to be able to apply pressure to. 


Towel in bag


3. Slightly dampen thin cloth (to stop any burning). 

4. Put a cloth over the clean and dry area on the backpack where you want to attach the patch and apply heat until hot to touch. 



5. Place patch where you want it positioned on the warmed up surface of the backpack.


6. Cover back over with a slightly damp cloth


7. Apply heat for around 45 seconds, making sure edges have had good pressure (to stop any peeling).

8. Let it cool for 15 seconds.

9.Apply heat for another 15 seconds.

10. BE PATIENT Give it 24 hours before using the backpack to make sure the adhesive has set. Don’t try and pull up corners to see if it’s properly stuck, it needs to set. 

11. Put something heavy over to keep pressure on.

12. You’re all set to use your custom backpack.