Fitting your backpack to your body's shape and size is the best way to make it comfortable to carry.

Below is our two step guide on how to measure and fit your backpacks size and also adjust the backpack when its on your back.

  • Measure

    1. Find the top of your hip bone
    2. Tilt your head down and find the bone that sticks out at the back of your neck (c7 vertebra)
    3. Get someone to measure this length. This is your torso height
  • Locate

    1. On the back of your backpack, find the sliding plate that the shoulder straps are attached to.
    2. Push your hand behind this to separate the Velcro attachment
  • Adjust

    1. Minus 3cm from your torso measurement, then set the top of the sliding plate to the bottom of the bag to this number.
    2. The backpacks is set to the correct size

This measured adjustment is a guide to the right size, however due to varying body shapes and sizes, if you feel this should be slightly higher or lower to fit more comfortably, then that is reccomeneded.

Final Adjustments

1. Put The Backpack On

Now that the backpack is the correct size, you can adjust the backpack to give you more balance and comfort.

2. Adjust Hip Belt

The Hip Belt should sit on your hip bone. This is where most of the backackps weight should be. A guide is about 80% of the backpacks weight on your hips and 20% on your shoulders.

3. Adjust Shoulder Straps

Adjust the straps so that they fit comfortably around your shoulders. There should't be any large gaps and they also shouldn't feel too tight.

The shoulder straps should be taking around 20% of the backpacks weight.

4. Load Adjusters

Tighten the load adjusters to help pull the backpacks load closer to your body. These should be tight enough to pull the backpack closers, but not so tight that it restricts any movement.

5. Adjust Sternum Strap

Slide this up and down to find the right height that is not too close to the bottom of your neck. Next tightern the strap so that the elastic is under a small amount of tension, but not full stretched.

If you have any questions about the fitting of your backpack, please reach out on our online chat or email us at, where we'd be happy to help.