Love Our Things More

Love Our Things More

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Love Our Things More

By Tom Dimond

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We all need to love our things more; I think that’s a lesson we can all learn. Our travel backpack can teach us that. Our bag reminds us of the places we have been, the things we have done when adventuring around the world.

Even the less adventurous travel scars tell a story. I still have scar on mine that reminds me of a train I caught in India and locals I met with that day. Every scar tells a story. It’s probably for this reason that, when we find that perfect travel bag, we find it hard to let it go, even when it has no miles left in it.

Photo by Be Ryder

Oscar got in touch with us a few weeks ago and told us the tales his bag had been on with him. He had been as far as Antarctica and all the way up the west coast of the States. He also sent a picture of a pretty hefty rip on his Daypack that he had picked up on his last trip.

When Will and I looked at the picture, we both looked at each other and said “there is no way we can save that”. Then I said to Will “but it’s been to Antarctica…we have to keep it going, can we find a way to fix it?”. So we asked him to send it in.

Will worked away, removing the stitching and figuring out a way to patch it back together again and, after a few goes through our machine, it’s now ready to head out. Will added a patch to strengthen the seam, When Oscar notices the patch he can have a little chuckle to himself - “remember when I…”

We all need to love our things more, we need to want to keep them going for longer. It is good for us and it’s good for the planet.
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