Clean and Re-Proof: A How-to Guide

Clean and Re-Proof: A How-to Guide

You'll need...

To Clean

1. Allow dirt to dry as much as you can.

2. Brush the dirt of as much as possible.

3. Wipe away excess dirt with a damp cloth.

4. Allow the bag to dry before the next step.

To Re-Proof

1. Protect working surface and lay clean backpack flat.

2. Remove straps where possible and store shoulder straps under bag.

3. Spray evenly over the outer fabric until the backpack has changed colour.


*Do not spray backpack straps or back panel 

4. Check carefully to ensure that no areas have been missed.

5. Allow the backpack to dry fully before using it again.

6. Your backpack is now ready to be used outside again.


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