A Journey on a Bag

A Journey on a Bag

A Journey On a Bag

We were pretty excited when Jerod sent over his video about adding patches he collected from places he visited to his Daypack. Five weeks exploring Europe, through Holland, France, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic and even grabbing a beer with us at Salkan HQ when he came to London.https://youtu.be/_qQhp21BYxU

As Jerod said in his video,

“whenever you live out of a backpack for five weeks, you can’t afford to accumulate things”.

So a patch from every location was a space-saving way of keeping something physical from the places he visited.

For us, the reason Jerod’s Daypack that he covered in patches resonated so much with us is that he has created something so meaningful and unique to him. It represents the experiences he had rather than just the physical item.

We really believe in carving out your own route here at Salkan and doing something unique that captures our curiosity. We carry this through in all our backpacks, every one of them has the option to be totally unique and we embrace customisation and adding your own personal touch.

You can see more of Jerod’s travels here and at some point, he will be releasing a full video of his trip.

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