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We’re always looking for new ways to leave less of an impact with everthing we do at SALKAN.


We’ve outlined below some of the points on how we aim to do this:

100 Day Trial

We believe in ‘buy well, buy once’. So we want you to find the perfect bag. We know it’s hard to tell whether the bag will fit the way you travel.

That’s why we offer a 100 day trial with every bag that we sell at Salkan. That means you can travel with it and put it through it’s paces for the next 100 days.

If it’s not the perfect travel companion for you, then you can return or exchange it. Free of charge

Our Lifetime Guarantee

A product that lasts a lifetime means that less products find a way to landfill. We believe it buying it well once.


We offer a lifetime guarantee with ALL of our products.


If something goes wrong with your product within normal use simply get in touch and we will organise a repair or replacement.

From September 1st 2020, we will be giving 1% of our sales to the planet. The planet we love to explore. It’s time that we gave something back. 


It isn’t a one-off gift; we are now committed to giving our 1% for life.


We are looking forward to working with 1% For The Planet, and for us, it’s only the beginning of many of our environmental goals.

The Circular Economy

We know we aren’t perfect, let’s face it  no-one is. We are not using 100% recycled materials in the production of our products, but we want to assure you that we are working on it.


Our goal is to close the loop – in the meantime, here are a few ways that you can help us to reach that goal.



Our products are going with you on your adventures. We have designed them to last a lifetime and also fit into your daily lifestyle  therefore needing less . Buy  well , Buy Once

Circle Economy


We want to see our products live as long as they can, so a rip or tear here or there shouldn’t mean a new one is needed. In fact repairs can give uniqueness and tell a story of the journey. Get in touch to find out about repairs.



If your bag is beyond repair, then all is not lost. We are working on closing the loop and hand it back to us.Your old bag will help us build the next generation and in exchange you get a discount on your next bag.

Camp out Cooking

Leave No Trace

We Love the outdoors and it’s important that when we camp, hike or use the outdoors that we leave nothing behind.


Leave No Trace is a movement across the UK and the World. Let’s work together to keep our world the way we found it.


Responsible Travel

We believe in the importance of responsible travel. Fortunately, it’s a growing movement, but there is still a long way to go.


We realise it’s unrealistic to get to the other side of the world by foot or go your whole trip without using plastic, however there are some realistic goals that we at SALKAN try to stick to so that it helps lower our impact on the places we travel to. 


Find out more below on how you can make a difference when you next travel.