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What is The 250?

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Our first launch and our new community, find out what The 250 is all about…

Community is really important when it comes to travel. When we are planning our next trip, our first port of call is to ask friends and family to get inspired on the perfect next destination. Sometimes it can be a conversation that inspires a trip in the first place, even when it’s with a complete stranger. We want to create a community of the travel-obsessed, those that are are always longing for the next trip. We all know who you are – the ones checking Skyscanner on their flight home.

So we have created The 250. We want to reward all of our first 250 customers with some lifetime benefits. Salkan has started with designing the best backpack for backpacking and we have big plans for our future.

Pre-Order to become part of the 250

The 250

The Benefits

Scooter Delivery

10% Lifetime Discount

You will have a lifetime discount code of 10% that you will be able to use on all purchases with Salkan

Hand Numbered Bag

Each bag will be numbered from 1-250…who will get number 1 and what other numbers will you meet on your travels? Which numbers will you share a beer with or grab a bite to eat with?

Exclusive Pre Launch on New Products

No-one likes missing a launch, so as another thank you for the 250 you will always get the first chance to buy one of our new products on any launch that we hold in the future.
What is The 250?

Love Our Things More

We all need to love our things more, we need to want to keep them going for longer. It is good for us and it’s good for the planet.

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