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The Original Salkan Backpack

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The first pre-production sample – still in use!

The Original  Salkan backpack.


Well, the first one that looks like all of the others…


So what is a pre-production sample?


It’s the first backpack that is made before the bulk production is made. It’s the last chance to make any changes and probably why it’s one of the most important backpacks we ever made.

The Original Salkan Backpack
The Original Salkan Backpack

There is a lot to do after you’ve made your prototypes and technical packs turning those into a product that’s going to work and be able to be made when it hits the factory floor.

We test every backpack at Salkan throughout our design process. It allows us to see what ideas we have come up with in our studio actually work.

The Original Salkan Backpack

We get them muddy, we use them every day, and if we are not happy about something we note it down. Pre-production is our last chance and that’s why the bags are so important to us. 

Will is still using one of the pre-production samples today and you may remember Tom’s pre-production sample getting a repair recently.’

These are bags and we want to use them every day, it’s a reminder that every time we lift the hood – we know that these bags were the original. They will always be special to us.

The Original Salkan Backpack

Watch the repair...

These original backpacks are also great to start photographing, as these samples are the closest bags you will have to the finished product. All of the studio shots that you see on our website are from this bag!


Once the testing is complete and we are happy with the backpack we send our comments to the factory and they make those last minute tweak’s before production begins. Making sure we have made the best backpack we possibly can.

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