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Easy Shakshouka

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This ones a quick and easy dish to cook in one pan and get your tasty energy fix for the day. Also a pretty versatile one to throw on whatever you have left from the night before. Jack, who whipped up our Cauliflower Shwarma on our camping trip in the Chew Valley, threw this together the following morning. Enjoy


– Tin of chopped tomatoes


– Jar or roasted peppers


– 6 Eggs


– Feta Cheese


– Red Chile


– 4 Spring Onions



1. Pre-heat the skillet or pan on the fire


2. Dice the peppers, but remember to keep the oil they come in, this is part of the juicy goodness.


3. Throw in the tomatoes, peppers and pepper oil, then mix and let cook off for a couple of minutes.


4. Season to taste.


5. Once the pepper and tomatoes are bubbling away, crack in the eggs. This needs to be pretty hot to cook the eggs properly.


6. Once eggs look mostly cooked through, crumble in some feta.


7. Garnish with a red chilli and some chopped spring onions for crunch and zing.


8. Enjoy.


Get in touch and share with us if you gave the recipe a go yourself. Whether it’s whilst camping or in the back garden, this one is well worth a try. 

Easy Shakshouka


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Easy Shakshouka

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