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Our Story

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We want you to explore the world, so we’ve made the backpack to take with you. Our gear has been designed to take on whatever you throw at it and keeps everything you need at your fingertips. Let’s hit the road.

How It All Started

Our Story

We’ve all had that itch to just get moving. Whether it’s just an off-the-cuff weekend away, or telling your boss to do one and booking round-the-world flights – we firmly believe there should always be a trip on the horizon.

Two seasonaires with a serious skiing habit, the boys met each other on their first 6 month stint in the Alps. They became friends fast (sharing a bunk bed for six months does that to you) but what they really bonded over was a footloose fixation on where they were hitting up next.

A year passed, and predictably Tom got itchy feet – a trip across China, South East Asia and the US was on the cards. But he needed a new backpack, and couldn’t find any that fit the bill. Venting his frustration, Will echoed the same thoughts, and well, the rest is history. They went and did something about it.

How We Travel

Whether it’s a 5 day jungle trek in the rain, those long buses after an all-nighter in the hostel bar, or just climbing the top bed of a three-storey bunk – our kind of travel comes from taking the road less travelled.

Travel is all about the story, and your backpack is there through them all. Crashing on the floor of a local’s house, the time a trigger fish attacked you, the 19-hour bus journey with a baby on your lap. That’s what SALKAN is all about; the experience, not the destination. It’s letting the unknown play out in front of you.

We all have a story in our locker. It’s time your backpack told one about you.

Our Story