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Is making a proper coffee whilst camping worth it?

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Coffee whilst camping

We love coffee. We have always loved popping down to our local coffee-haunt F.Mondays in Brixton, London for a mug of our morning favourite. When we can’t make it over to the coffee shop we like using a cafetiere with some freshly ground beans to rustle up a home brew.


Salkan Daypack

We’ve often debated whether making a proper coffee whilst camping would be worth it. We asked Ken from F.Mondays how to go about it. He suggested that we use an Aeropress and kindly lent his so we could give it a go.

Alchemy Coffee

Armed with some fresh beans from Alchemy Coffee and ‘all the gear with no idea’ we swapped our Monday meeting in the office for an outdoor one instead.

Alchemy Coffee Gitega Hills Lot 656 was our bean of choice all the way from Rwanda and it didn’t disappoint.

Here’s how we did it….

Alchemy Coffee

Kit Used

Aeropress, Filters & Spoon
Jet boil & Gas
Flask With Water
Alchemy Coffee


1. We thought about bringing a hand-grinder but we decided that using the grinder at home and storing in a jam jar saved on the extra equipment. F.Mondays will grind up your beans if you don’t have access to a grinder.


2. Boil your water. For the perfect brew you want the water to be just under the boil. So boil the water and remove from the heat before moving onto step 3.

Flask and Jetboil
JetBoil and Salkan Daypack

3. Fill up the Aeropress with the scoop slightly heaped. When the water has stopped bubbling fill up to the top. Then using your spork give the coffee a good stir and a crema should form.


4. Place a filter in the black cap and screw onto the top.


5. Wait a few minutes (or as long as you can last without you morning coffee).

Alchemy Coffee
Aeropress Crema
Aeropress Crema

6. Place a mug on top of the Aeropress and then flip everything so that the coffee starts to filter through into your mug. (We think we did this wrong – but it worked for us!)


7. Slowly press down on the Aeropress forcing the coffee through the filter.


8. Add hot water depending on how strong you like it. Oat milk is always a good option as it lasts a lot longer out of the fridge.


9. Enjoy and repeat

Coffee whilst camping


Hiking or camping, slowing down and taking time over something as small as a cup of coffee really makes you enjoy it even more. It’s a simple pleasure but well worth the effort. Our verdict – give it a go.

Is making a proper coffee whilst camping worth it?


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Is making a proper coffee whilst camping worth it?

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