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Black Friday

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A note from the co-founders about Black Friday and why we won’t be taking part
Backpacker Bag

Hello All!

As your inboxes become flooded with more Black Friday deals, we wanted to reach out to you all to explain our thoughts behind Black Friday.

Now a secured date in the retail calendar, us Brits and the rest of the world spend millions of pounds on one day trying to grab a deal, and we ask the questions: Are these items that I need? Is this item going to stand the test of time? Am I really getting a ‘deal’?

We strongly believe in our ‘buy it well, buy it once’ ethos and we feel that taking part in Black Friday goes against everything that we stand for. That is why we won’t be offering any Black Friday discounts this year – or ever. 

Instead, this Black Friday we are excited to launch our 100 Day trial, so that you can be sure that this bag is right for you. That means you can travel with it and put it through its paces for the next 100 days. If it’s not the perfect travel companion for you, then you can return or exchange it, free of charge.

Like you, we love to travel, and our world is disappearing quickly; we feel Black Friday and the throwaway culture it can create has a significant impact on our planet. We only want you to buy our bags if they are right for you. This stops bags heading to landfill or not fulfilling their potential on the road. We also offer our repair service (more to come on this soon) to keep bags doing their thing for as long as they possibly can.

If you can’t resist a deal, we urge you to spend well this Friday; buy only what you will use and purchase an item that you will keep using for many years.

If you do decide to buy a bag from us that will bring many adventures, rest assured with our 100-day trial you will know it’s right for you.

Buy Well, Buy Once.

Tom and Will.

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Black Friday
Black Friday


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Black Friday

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