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A Less Wasteful Christmas

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Tis’ the season of giving and Tis’ the season of joy! There are so many things to cherish about Christmas and we are keen this year to make our gift-giving as meaningful as possible, without creating too much of a season of waste (not least all those brussel sprouts that don’t get eaten)!

This got us thinking, in the build-up to Christmas at Salkan HQ, about how we could spend Christmas a little differently this year to help avoid the waste but still put a smile on everyones faces. Here are a few of our ideas:

1. Making Presents

Why not have a go at making some present this year by seeing what you have lying around the house? Channel you inner Picasso, paint a picture and put a smile on someone’s face. There is something quite wholesome about being creative with what you have. Effort goes a long way when giving a gift.
The Camera Strap

2. Up-Cycle Furniture

If you are after a bit of wow factor when it comes to your presents and you want something big then why not rejuvenate an old piece of furniture? There are tons of places where you can pick up good quality old furniture and give it a new home. Give it a lick of paint, stick on some new handles, and voila, you are good to go. Way better than a flat pack that you take to the tip one year later.

3. Make a trip of it

Time to think outside the box. Presents don’t have to involve physical items. Millennials tend to spend most of their money on experiences rather than things anyway. So create your voucher for something they love doing or have always wanted to try. Another idea is that you could set up an adventure that you can take them on next year – whether that’s a weekend away or hike you have always wanted to do.

Camping in Inglebrough

Photo Credit: Chris Watson

4. Baking or Cooking

Food, Glorious Food! Christmas isn’t Christmas without the food, and if you are a dab hand in the kitchen, then your food won’t go to waste. Try making some Christmas treats or have a go at our chai latte recipe and create a spice mix! It’s also a great idea to jump outside on Christmas Day, make a firepit and try out your chai mix there or one of our recipes. Toasted Marshmallows anyone?

5. Gift a Repair

An excellent suggestion from the guys over at @whathappenedoutdoors, a repair shop based in Slovenia. “Repairs are like scars, the more we have, the more stories we have to share.” So instead of buying something new, give something a repair or offer out a ‘repair your garment voucher’ – perfect for any of your outdoor-gear adventure-lovers.

Photo Credit: What Happened

5. Buy Well, Buy Once

Whenever I have approached buying a Christmas present I’ve always tried to think of something that they want, that they wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves. If you do decide to purchase something this Christmas, then buy something that the person will cherish, something that will last a very long time and gift something they have always wanted. All of our backpacks come with a lifetime guarantee, and we offer free repairs too. What can be better than giving a lifetime of adventures knowing you won’t be creating waste that goes to landfill?

By all doing a little bit this Christmas, we can all help to have a less wasteful Christmas!

A Less Wasteful Christmas


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A Less Wasteful Christmas

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