Around the Edge

Meet Vladislav, the first person who cycled the world’s coastlines.

Travelling Japan

Joe often dreamt about going to Japan since he was young. A few years ago that dream became a reality. In his own words he takes us through his trip through some amazing photography, wandering the largest island of Japan.

An Escape to Wales

When Wales announced that the borders were open on the 12th April, Tom and Sian and their dog Eddie jumped at the chance to get out of the capital and head to the Snowdonia National Park.

Island Life: Zanzibar

Ben recalls his trip to Zanzibar through the amazing people and stunning film photography.

Mixtape 03: En Vivo

Music can transport us anywhere, so we asked friends of Salkan, Andrew Speak, to put our mixtape together to take us all to Latin America.

The Outpost: Will Bouch

Since we’re in the mood of dreaming about future adventures, we’re sharing what The Outpost looks like to Will, co-founder here at Salkan.